Burro Music

Succinct yet stirring, expertly proportioned and might I simply say - beautiful - pop gem including free downloads for all you skinflints, from a favorite of ours, Minotaur Shock: http://www.burromusic.com
Atmospheric and extremely hypnotic, this sound conglomeration, meaning something akin to "protocol in six parts", meanders through corridors of creaking imaginings and then drones aplenty with mesmerizing melancholy memories by one Brannten Schnure: http://www.burromusic.com
This joint starts with a nod to Pink Floyd atmosphere and proceeds to simmer and burn with a fierce, downtrodden groove by one Darkside: http://www.burromusic.com
Great article from Universal Audio emphasizing why your mix needs an acoustically treated room prior to mastering: http://www.uaudio.com/blog/studio-basics-mastering-mistakes/
Ruminate on this choice, decidedly groove-centric release which is both primal and cerebral in its approach from Principle Participant: http://www.burromusic.com/2011/10/quickly-now-principle-participant.html
Insistent, gritty yet melodious garage pop from Mikal Cronin who will be playing in Denton Sept. 18th: http://www.burromusic.com
Thick synth melody, sub-bass and a heavy air of gravity that silently and beautifully points toward the dirge: http://www.burromusic.com
Burro Music uploaded new music:
Forged from the deft digits of Denton's own Merv Diddlefingers:http://www.burromusic.com/2011/07/quickly-now-starch-gelatinization-2-by.html
Pulsating celestial body visits the happy listener in seeming asymmetric fits of tempered joy (by Secret Diaries): http://www.burromusic.com
Lovely, building ambient soundscape from Planet Boelex: http://www.burromusic.com/2011/04/quickly-now-soft-shapes-by-planet.html
Jacques Cousteau era leaky submersible slowly sinking deeper: http://www.burromusic.com/2011/04/quickly-now-solitaire-by-galactic.html
Bodzin track must be experienced via high fidelity headphones: http://www.burromusic.com/2011/03/quickly-now-planet-ypsilon-by-stephan.html
Menacing, strangely soulful, otherworldly jaunt- Moon Bounce: http://www.burromusic.com/2011/02/quickly-now-hypersonic-by-moon-bounce.html
Almost terrifyingly emotive, this excursion from Nathan Fake: http://www.burromusic.com/2011/02/quickly-now-muppet-by-grasscut-nathan.html
The Denton Bach Players present Chamber Music by the Sons of J.S. Bach Saturday, 2/19 @ 8pm- Voertman Hall, UNT College of Music $15
This Guy Makes Mean Mixes- electronic and lo-fi fun: http://www.burromusic.com/2010/02/this-guy-makes-mean-mixes.html